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We are a forum, a community and a supportive network that is driven by the voices of members. Join us to:

  • See and collaborate with other women in the commercial sector
  •  Connect with Finance Brokers, Accountants, CFO’s, Bookkeepers, Lawyers, Insurance Brokers and VC’s.
  • Keep up to date on best practices, tools and resources
  • Celebrate wins, and seek support for your commercial transactions from your engaged network of peers
  • Mentor and be mentored by women who are building successful businesses in the commercial sector 
  • Get support with finance products, business structuring/advice, tax, insolvency, legal structure, asset protection, raising capital and anything else on your min
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Yasmine Shah
Executive Director - Founder

Why the Women’s Commercial Forum was Incepted

Founded by Yasmine Shah a month before the pandemic hit Australia on the 20th of February 2020, The Women’s Commercial Finance Forum was created following her entry into the commercial sector in prior years, and immediately experiencing a sudden drop in the number of women she could see and work with.

Not one to suffer in silence, Yasmine was empowered to find more women who loved this space as much as she did in order to create mutually beneficial opportunities.

The journey began with the inception of a private Facebook group, where she was hoping to find a handful of peers to connect and collaborate with.

Then something unexpected happened – the group became a safe space where commercial questions were answered, and…

"Everyone Could Shine and Upskill at Their Own Pace, Be Inspired and Be Empowered"

The members leaned in, shared their passion and experience, lifted each other up, spurred each other on, celebrated each others achievements, invited their friends and before long we had built a strong and vibrant community.

The forum has since morphed into an independent cross-industry body where Finance Brokers, Accountants, Business Advisors, Insurance, Venture Capital and Legal specialists can gain technical and soft skills while simultaneously
growing their network and knowledge of aligned industry sectors across the broader Commercial Industry.

Until now, this depth of collaboration has not existed in the Australian Commercial sector, allowing us to solve problems, source solutions and innovate by leveraging our combined knowledge and resources in order to take us from problem to solution faster than ever before.

Looking to upskill amongst like minded peers in a safe environment, and better serve your clients?

WCFF Member Values

We are driven by our PACK values – each of us are Professional, Accomplished, Collaborative and Kind.

The WCFF is supported by like-minded partners and ambassadors, and lead by our board of directors and a national team of volunteers whom collectively represent several hundred years of experience in the commercial finance sector.

We work hard together to build a platform that creates opportunities for women in all commercial specialisations.

WCFF Vision...

To be Australia’s leading community for women across commercial financial services where women are seen, heard and valued.

WCFF Mission...

To design and co-develop the professional environment we deserve by challenging the status quo of the glass ceiling.

Looking to supercharge your network
and your business with a community of likeminded women?

WCFF National Team

Yasmine Shah

Chief Community Champion

I am humbled to lead our community of talented and tenacious women in Commercial Finance.

I started this journey in 2020 with the goal of creating a place for our members that was desperately needed in our industry. I am encouraged everyday as we build the future that we want together.

Our forum is the gateway for bigger and better things for our members, their clients and our local communities.

Our leadership team and I are driven by the voice of our members and are proud to serve all female Finance Brokers across Australia with a platform where they are seen and heard, nurtured and supported.

There is no finance problem that we cannot solve in our community and with the power of our collective voice, we can achieve anything.

Professional Role
Partnerships Executive at Tradeplus24

Sylvia MacFarlaine

Education & Growth Champion

It’s my absolute privilege to be aligned with the WCFF and have the opportunity to make a difference in education and growth for women in finance.

I’m a 26+ year veteran as a CPA/small business specialist and former broker now mentor. I define my superpower as a “solution specialist”. My unique ability to peel onions down to their core drives me to find innovation, resourcefulness and make an impact.

I am passionate about breaking down barriers to bring new educational methods to help fast track knowledge and skills for our Broker community as well as foster growth not only for your businesses but also the WCFF. I’m excited to be working with you all.

Anne Floyd

National Operations Manager

I have over 20 years’ experience in senior marketing roles across small to medium businesses, as well as multinationals such as Nestle Australia, AMP and Playtex. Over the last 8 years I have built my expertise in working with businesses experiencing financial challenges that require insolvency and restructuring advice.

I am driven every day to take control of my life and make things happen and this includes having the right people around me. I also remember to be grateful for all the good things in my life.

I am delighted to have a seat at this wonderful (WCFF) table, working alongside amazing women. Each of us strong individuals that have travelled different journeys, but together we will be stronger in raising women to the forefront in finance.

Professional Role
National Operations Manager

Sarah Long

National Member Champion

Our Forum is full of talented, strategic and motivated women who would benefit from ways to get inspired and to upskill themselves. Being an SC member allows me to give back to a community I’ve learned so much from, and continue pushing for change and betterment.

It’s so important to grow and become the best “you” that you can be! Take advantage of what the Forum has to offer – the expertise from all our members, learning opportunities, networking events, and more to come in future. Let’s empower each other to be stronger, better, and a powerful voice in our industry.

Professional Role
Commercial Finance Broker at Knightsbridge Financial Services

Tina Clark

State Champion NSW

In the industry for over 20 years. Starting as the office manager, then a Brokers Assistant, Broker and now to part- owner

Why I do Asset Finance is I love being able to help people achieve success. I do this through helping small business navigate the complex world of financing by showing them different paths that they may be able to take, to ultimately achieve their own success.

I love talking to other small business owners about their business, the highs and the lows. I am truly fascinated. By listening I am then able to either guide them or reassure them they are doing ok.

Professional Role
Finance Broker at Laurentide Financial Services Pty Ltd

Rebecca Mansfield

State Champion NSW & ACT

2.5 years as a broker, 5 years as an accountant (CPA)

I want to empower more women to feel confident in offering commercial finance to their clients.

Believe in yourself and own your own success! Don’t be afraid to ask for help 🙂

Professional Role
Finance Broker at Loan Market

Richele Janjatovic

State Champion Victoria

I have a wealth of experience in commercial banking having worked at ANZ and Australian Finance Group (AFG) over the last thirteen years in various roles. My predominant experience has been centred around helping business owners access finance, from supermarkets, to start up’s. My last role at ANZ was leading a team of bankers who were transitioning from retail into commercial or brand new to the industry, so I understand the pain points a lot of brokers go through when starting their diversifying journey!

I want to pay forward the knowledge I’ve gained from the people that helped me along the way. Message to members: Be curious about your client’s business, there is so much gold by just asking about what they do and what their goals are. Asking how you can help, may lead to an opportunity to fund that goal – no one wants debt, but they want to achieve their goals.

Professional Role
VIC/TAS Commercial Business Development Manager at AFG

Selina Donnelly

State Champion QLD

My passion is commercial finance and with over 10 years experience nothing excites me more than being able to help my business clients every day. Having the opportunity to work with Yasmine and the team is such an honour.

Commercial finance is such a niche and growing industry, and we have so much opportunity to help people every day to upskill and be the best in the market.

I am here to help, I love being a part of this community and look forward to being more involved every day.

Professional Role
Business Banking BDM at Westpac

Rebecca Krantz

State Champion North QLD & NT

Rebecca is an experienced Sales and Relationship Manager within the Financial Services industry. Joining Apricity in our Brisbane office in 2018, Rebecca has previously worked for ANZ and Bank of Queensland across Risk, Compliance, Sales, Financial Markets, and Commercial Banking.

Rebecca is a great relationship builder and brings a fresh outlook to the team. Happiest when making meaningful connections, whether professional or personal, Rebecca makes a point to enjoy and appreciate what she has.

Professional Role
Head of Sales and Relationships, QLD and Northern NSW

Kathryn Skok

State Champion SA

Being a woman in commercial finance means with each day there’s a new opportunity for growth, collaboration, and learning something new. In years to come I want to see the small percentage of female brokers in the room increase.

The Forum gives us a strong army behind us. If you don’t have the answer, these incredible women with years and a wealth of experience will!

Professional Role
BDM Moula

Anna Scotter

WA - Metro Champion

15 + Years in Commercial and Asset Finance with the Westpac Group. I believe my enthusiasm to assist brokers, accountability to my portfolio and overall industry knowledge has contributed greatly to the success of my brokers.

I believe the Woman’s Commercial Finance Forum is a wonderful platform where I can assist, upskill and educate our members through sharing my many years of knowledge and experience in the Commercial and Asset Lending space. I take great pleasure in making a difference to brokers delivering great customer outcomes to their clients. Message to members: You only fail if you don’t try.

Professional Role
Asset Finance Business Development Manager at Connective Asset Finance

Sarah Lang

WA - Regional Champion

Bachelor of Business (Management & Marketing) & Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking Management. I have 16 years experience in the commercial / agri finance sector. I spent 15 years in banking in the commercial and agri divisions at ANZ holding various Senior Leadership positions. I left banking late 2019 to start my own finance consulting business specialising in commercial and agricultural finance. I’m based in Busselton but service regional and rural Clients all over WA. I assist Clients to better understand their cash flow and profit drivers and to implement applications to automate their cash flow analysis. My business also has a finance broking division which specialises in commercial and agri finance including asset finance.

I want to assist other amazing Women to develop their skills in the commercial and agri lending sector, which has historically been dominated by men.

Professional Role
Director of Sarah Lang Consulting at Sarah Lang Consulting & All About You Finance

Tameeka Lynch

State Champion TAS

Currently 2.5 years as a finance broker. 13 years as a business banker across a range of divisions including small business and corporate banking. Bachelor of Commerce.

When I found out about the forum it resonated with me. As a new-ish broker doing mostly home loans but wanting to expand our commercial loan business, I knew I would learn a lot from being involved in a forum for commercial broking and that was aimed at helping women, who are a little scarce on the ground in this industry! One thing I know throughout my banking career is that I have been very reliant on my business women friends for support and mentoring and they’ve always given me confidence and backed me up to forge ahead in my career.

Professional Role
FInance Broker at Up Loans Launceston
Yasmine Shah is the Executive Director and Founder of the WCFF - Women's Commercial Finance Forum.

Yasmine Shah

Executive Director - Founder

Yasmine Shah

Yasmine Shah, Executive Director and Founder of the Women's Commercial Finance Forum, has over 17 years of experience in the finance broking industry. As a Commercial Broker, Mentor, Business Coach, and connector of women in business, Yasmine has empowered hundreds of female brokers to establish thriving and diversified finance broking businesses. Yasmine's passionate advocacy for the role that finance brokers play in the lives and businesses of their clients has led to the growth of the WCFF community, which now has over 1000 members with diverse skill levels in commercial finance. She has listened to our members and partners who want structured programs, opportunities to connect and give back to the community. Yasmine prides herself on bringing highly skilled and resilient women to our community. Together, the leadership team and our community deliver disruption and growth for all women in commercial professions.The community's success is built on the power of community and meaningful connections with women from complementary industries such as real estate, accounting, insurance, and business advisory. Yasmine is committed to making the WCFF a community where women can learn, leverage and grow together.
Ulrika Lobo is the Executive Director of Operations and Marketing of the WCFF - Women's Commercial Finance Forum.

Ulrika Lobo

Executive Director - Operations and Marketing

Ulrika Lobo

Ulrika Lobo has been appointed as the Executive Director of Operations and Marketing at the Women's Commercial Finance Forum (WCFF). With experience in various industries including engineering, technology, construction management, marketing, and sales, Ulrika brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role. She is a trailblazer in the field, as the founder of Australia's first female-led private lending business, Sparrow Loans, where she focuses on integrity, relationship management and creating an inclusive industry. At WCFF, Ulrika will oversee marketing, partnerships, and member programs. She is deeply committed to creating an inclusive industry for all and is a passionate advocate for diversity and equality in the workplace.
Sonja Pfitz is the Executive Director of Pedagogy and Advocacy of the WCFF - Women's Commercial Finance Forum.

Sonja Pfitz

Executive Director - Pedagogy and Advocacy

Sonja Pfitz

Sonja Pfitz has been appointed as the Executive Director of Pedagogy and Advocacy. As the Director of Pfitz Financial, and with almost 30 years of experience in the commercial finance and business advisory sector, Sonja has a comprehensive depth of experience in sales, compliance, operational and risk management. She has established several successful businesses, held executive and board positions in the financial services and private corporate sector, and managed large teams of people. Sonja is passionate about assisting SMEs, providing sound advice and strategic support for growth and expansion. She has extensive experience in the Information Technology sector too, where she developed large-scale networks and re-engineered software applications for the Australian finance, transport, and public sectors. She is a strong advocate for the community and drives best practice in the industry.
Sarah Wells is the Executive Director of Corporate Strategy of the WCFF - Women's Commercial Finance Forum.

Sarah Wells

Executive Director - Corporate Strategy

Sarah Wells

Sarah Wells has joined the Women's Commercial Finance Forum as the Executive Director of Corporate Strategy. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Sarah has expertise in broking and financing solutions, as well as experience in various leadership positions. She has a track record of helping brokers articulate their strategies and find simple solutions to run efficient, profitable, and enjoyable practices. Sarah's experience managing the banking and financing needs of a portfolio of medics, as well as her role as a commercial and property development funding manager responsible for transactions between $10-60M, gives her a unique perspective on change and the ability to adapt and thrive in evolving environments.