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Women's Commercial Finance Forum [WCFF]

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With over 700 members The Women’s Commercial Finance Forum is a Community backed by… 

  • A National Leadership Team of 9 State Champions covering every State and Territory of Australia
  • A growing team of 10 dedicated and highly experienced Finance Broker Mentors with specialist Commercial expertise
  • Leading bank, non bank and Fintech organisations who power and fund the initiatives of the WCFF community 

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The WCFF is a relaxed and safe space where we can grow amongst other like minded women.

It’s a heart-centred and go-getter environment where we both inspire and help each other. 

And it’s a place where we develop eclectic expertise via cross-industry networking in order to better serve our clients. 

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WCFF partners are passionate about celebrating the diversity and resilience that women bring in the Commercial ecosystem of Australian Businesses and power our community.

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What our Members say

“The Women’s Commercial Finance Forum is different, is unique, is positive, is empowering and is a support network like no other. This forum has the visibility and voice in the Australian broking market and it is an absolute pleasure to be part of its growth and success:”

Rachel Hind

Best Capital Finance – NSW & Singapore

“The Women’s Commercial Forum is a great tool to access the deep experience & perspective of many female participants across the commercial finance industry. I highly recommend you join to share with & access this fab pool of knowledge & build relationships.”

Mary Grant

Clear Options Finance – NSW

“At first, when I came to the Women in Finance group I didn’t know what to expect but it amazes me how much I get out of the session. Not only is it professionally insightful and relevant to the commercial finance industry but also the amount of understanding and support you receive from this group. Everyone is very genuine, friendly and down to earth. Everyone works collaboratively to support each other which I am proud to be part of the group.”

Jennifer Cao

Peakmax Financial – Victoria

“On our own we may feel we can get to our destination faster, together we are stronger and better positioned for success. I have been in broking for a long time, sometimes it has felt like a lonely path to walk. Being part of the forum has given me a place to share, support and be supported. We are better together and as women need one another to support, advocate and lift ourselves to better secure our success and that of the clients and communities we serve.”

Sarah Wells

Sarah Wells Tailored Banking & Finance – WA

“The Women’s Commercial Finance Forum has been an invaluable resource. Not only is it a large community of inspirational women supporting each other, being able to ask a question and get several responses right away has been truly incredible and helpful.”

Lauren Murray

Brisbane Finance Group – QLD

“The forum not only provides a place for women to get ideas on commercial and business scenarios, it’s also a place where you can reach out for support. The conversations are real and non judgmental.”

Nicole Cannon

Pink Finance – NSW

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