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“Success isn’t about how your life looks to others. It’s about how it feels to you. We realised that being successful isn’t about being impressive, it’s about being inspired"

Michelle Obama

WCFF Members Enjoy Complimentary Membership in 2022 Thanks to Our Generous Partners and Ambassadors

With over 700 members, there is no better place to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of a community in order to secure timely solutions to complex business problems.

In recent years, we and our clients have been highly impacted by COVID, flooding, bushfires and associated supply chain issues. We have had to learn to be more agile, we are more time poor and have more clients to help. 

Having access to a community that can help you cut through the noise to get to solutions faster can be a game changer for our business, and there is no better place than right here to future proof your business. 

Our members range from raw beginners to those with 40+ years of experience across all facets of Commercial Services.

Regardless of skill level or areas of expertise, we are always learning, growing and collaborating to build our expertise, our access to resources and our businesses.

Member Benefits

Upskill Sessions

Polish up on your knowledge of Commercial Products, Services, Platforms and Best Practice

WCFF National Events

Upskill and Network with like-minded women in business from all Commercial Fields all around Australia.

Be Mentored by experts

Fast track learning and harness best practices of our experienced mentors to get ahead. Our mentors are highly experienced and passionate about empowering your success

This is a community where we give and receive unwavering support to like-minded women

“The Women’s Commercial Finance Forum is different, is unique, is positive, is empowering and is a support network like no other. This forum has the visibility and voice in the Australian broking market and it is an absolute pleasure to be part of its growth and success:”

Rachel Hind

Finance Broker Best Capital Finance

“In the time that I have been involved with the Women’s Commercial Finance Forum on Facebook, I have found the resource to be invaluable.  Not only are commercial brokers sharing their experience, but new to commercial brokers have a safe environment to ask questions and run scenarios by other more experienced commercial lenders and brokers.  Even though some of us have been in the industry for many years, we are still learning.  There are many new scenarios posted that we can lock away for future reference.  I appreciate that we are all time poor and having a central hub to access all commercial is vital.”

Rose De Rossi

Diversifi WA

“The Women’s Commercial Finance Forum is a useful platform for members to share customer scenarios and get quick responses, to obtain insights and updates of the finance industry, and to build meaningful industry connections. This kind of bonding is exactly what we need in the finance industry and it is a positive empowerment for our careers.”

Tiffany Chu

Glass Financial – NSW

“I am happy to say that “The Women’s Commercial Forum” has connected me with such beautiful, like-minded, strong, independent, hard working, women/Mother’s from around Australia. I can also say that Yasmine who is the Founder of the Forum is such an amazing woman inside out. She is always reaching out to help with everything that I or other members of the forum are in need of and connect us with the right people that can help. This forum has also given me certainty that there is support out there in the industry. I am amazed at all the beautiful women out there that love, support and uplift each other within this forum as it can be intimidating sometimes. I have enjoyed meeting some beautiful women on this Forum who also support me and my business and are always extending their hands out to help. I appreciate The Women Commercial Forum for all that they do in the community and within the finance industry. Thank you so much.”

Ina Brown

Genuine Home Loans – VIC