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TP24 provides Australian businesses with a cost effective, fair and flexible “Business Line of Credit” delivered by an approachable and astute national team.

Business funding can be ‘secured’ or ‘unsecured’. 

This refers to what collateral is available to a lender to leverage for security of a business loan. 

The common form of collateral offered to lenders as security for business loans is property. 

Loans secured by property assets, while they may be lower cost finance options, can also limit the capacity and flexibility of the funding a business can have available to them. The lowest cost commercial loans are not always best for growing businesses nor for their directors, because commonly, company directors may prefer not to entangle their personal assets with their business. 

The Accounts Receivable Ledger has been traditionally overlooked by Brokers and business owners as a viable asset that can be leveraged for flexible and cost effective working capital. It allows the business to secure its own working capital and frees up the Director’s personal assets too. 

The TP24 Business Line of Credit has two unique points of distinction which sets TP24 as the running favourite for Brokers and their clients, these include:

  1. No changes to bank accounts: Invoice financiers use the unpaid invoice as security and will require for the business to change the bsb and account number on invoices issued to customers to a new ‘segment’ account that is controlled by the lender. Customers pay into the lenders’ ‘segment’ account and the lender proceeds to sweep the payment less fees and loan proceeds to the business trading account. 

    Changing bank account information with customers creates an immediate administrative burden for businesses.

    TP24 seamlessly integrates with the existing business sales process and provides the business with an invoice finance facility without encumbering the business with the administration burden of changing bank accounts. 

  2. International debtors are out of scope for most lenders that offer Invoice Finance products because they legally do not have recourse to collect from the debtors in the event of non-payment. TP24 can fund invoices issued to customers all over the world (great for businesses who export from Australia) due to their unique insurance based product feature. 

Facility Limits range from $200K to $3M. 

Competitive, fair and transparent pricing structure tailored to each unique business and great perks for WCFF members.

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Mandy Mehdizadeh

Head of Sales

Mandy Mehdizadeh

Before working with Tradeplus24, I started my career over 15 years ago in insolvency and then shifted to focus on growth/ relationship building roles working within the Australian “big banks”. Throughout this time, where possible, I have sought to provide coaching to women within this industry as I believe all people prosper in their fields with the right mentoring and supportive environment. Thus enabling women who may not feel they have the requisite knowledge to be successful as directors citing gaps in their knowledge in commercial finance .

Partnering with WCFF is an exciting opportunity for myself and TP24 to support more women to be active and visible in the commercial finance sector. 

Women often need to fit into a world that is not designed for them; in the finance industry, women can feel intimidated when they try to broaden their own understanding about Commercial Finance offerings. This can lead to a resolve to ‘stay in their lane’ in consumer finance as it is a safer option. 

I have always worked in male dominated industries and there often is no deliberate reason why women can’t be involved, but the fact is, often there are only a few of us in a room. It is empowering to have a forum where there are more women in the room smiling back at you, going through similar challenges and seeking to achieve the same goals.

WCFF mandates to provide a safe harbour for women to develop their skills and confidence in a tangible way so we can rise with less obstacles and do what we enjoy to help our clients.

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