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State Ambassador

Walta Kazzi

Co Founder

Walta Kazzi

Walta was a co-founder of Stratton Finance, with 200+ staff, Stratton is the largest online broker in Australia. In 2014, Stratton had a successful exit to the online marketplace giant Carsales Limited. Walta then co-founded Quest, which is a Next-Gen equipment lender, leveraging data, AI and Open Banking to make lighting speed credit decisions. Quest exists to serve brokers and small business owners by helping them save time, money and their sanity!

A female manager once changed my life through her empathy, leadership and guidance. I want our industry to help nurture and produce more leaders like her.

Quest originally launched as a marketplace for business loans operating as a broker model but we got sick of being stuffed around by traditional lenders and Banks with outdated policies and onerous processes. The pain and frustration led us to reimagine a better way and so we started building technology for a lender model so we could take control of the customer experience.

Quest is a Next-gen Equipment Lender, powered by passionate people, leveraging technology and Open Banking to enable finance brokers and small business owners to apply in minutes, get instantly approved, and electronically sign documents for same-day funding.

We offer equipment loans up to $150,000 – We do it digitally and really, really fast.

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